Calcium Stearate

Calcium Stearate


Calcium Stearate is an insoluble salt of Calcium, and Fatty Acids. Calcium stearate is non-toxic and has many applications as Stabilizer, Lubricant, Water Repellant etc. It is insoluble in water. However, it is slightly soluble when dissolved in hot alcohol, hot vegetable and mineral oil. It shows good solublity in hot pyridine.

Calcium Stearate is widely used as a stabilizer for PVC resins and lubricant for plastic molding powders or tablets. Its use is also recommended in emulsions, cements, pencils, construction chemicals, paint flattening agent, resin coated sands and foundry chemicals, anticaking agent in food items and cosmetics. Use of calcium stearate is seen as a lubricating agent in paper and paperboard coating compositions, iron wire drawing and leather cloth manufacturing as well.

At Pratham, we have developed various grades of Calcium Stearates to suit different applications. We customize product in collaboration with the customer so as to achieve best quality and cost results for the user.

Calcium Stearate - Product Data Sheet :

Molecular FormulaCa (C17H35COO)2
AppearanceWhite Powder
Molecular Weight606.61
Specific Gravity1.035
Moisture, %1.0 Max.
Melting Point150 (+/- 5)* C
Bulk Density Gm/CC0.2 (+/- 0.03)
Particle Size-200 Mesh
Calcium Content (as CaO), %
9.5 (+/- 0.5)
Free Fatty Acid, %1.0 Max.
Ash Content, %10.5 (+/- 1.0)
Packing25 Kg. HDPE bags with LDPE liners
Suggested Application
  • As a stabilizer & lubricant in rigid PVC processing, PVC compounding & moulding, in Leather cloth manufacturing etc.

  • As a lubricant   in iron wire drawing.

  • As an anti caking agent in Detergent Cakes.

  • In cosmetics.